What ever your requirements, we can deliver! Our teams are experienced hand lay tarmacadam professionals. Like all of our services we take the mm matters approach to ensure that your new tarmac surface not only looks great but drains correctly and withstands the daily traffic.

As tarmacadam specialists, we can advise the specific tarmac product to suit your needs. Not every project is the same, and there is no “one fits all” tarmacadam product. Read our Tarmacadam FAQ page.

Tarmacadam surfacing in Norfolk & Suffolk

Base/binder course tarmacadam

This tarmacadam is what forms the base for the likes of road/ driveway construction. A 20mm aggregate compacted at a minimum depth of 70mm.

Open grade tarmacadam base

Our most frequently used tarmacadam. Open grade allows most of the surface water to drain through whilst not compromising the strength. Used on all of our full construction resin bound projects. The surfacing has been developed to comply with SUDS regulations.

Open grade tarmacadam surface course

As low maintenance surfacing is what we are all about, we offer porous tarmac driveways in either a 10mm or 6mm finish. This is a very popular surfacing option to suit all budgets, stand the test of time and look great!

SMA (stone mastic asphalt) surface course

SMA is a high performance asphalt, with a smooth and highly durable finish, that resists scuffing, deformation and frost damage. As a result the surface keeps its premium appearance for much, much longer


Surface Resin Bound Driveways Ltd 5 year Guarantee

Our teams have years of experience laying patios and building all types of driveways. What ever your requirements we have the skill set to complete your project.

Porcelain Patio

Block Paving

Porcelain Patio

Natural Stone Patio

If you are looking for a low maintenance garden that is green all year round, then artificial grass is your best option! We have extensive knowledge in installing your artificial grass and only use the best grass on the market! Installed onto a granite 1-3mm which is great for drainage and animals.

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